Recall Service at Patrick Subaru

You might not always recognize when you need service, especially if there is a recall out for your specific Subaru model. Luckily, Patrick Subaru is here to help! Our service center is happy to take on any service recall put out for your vehicle and ensure you enjoy a transparent and expedient service before you hit the road again! A Subaru recall is typically a mistake made by the manufacturer off the assembly line. Here at Patrick Subaru, we're certified to handle these mistakes and get you back to enjoying your worry-free drive!  We can provide you with a clean, sanitized, loaner vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced.

You can easily determine if you have a recall by plugging in your vehicle's information into the handy tool below. It will search Subaru information and come back with any hits on recalls required for your specific model. With a recall, you won't have to cover the costs of any repairs or service time! Subaru takes care of everything, so you can enjoy peace of mind without paying out of pocket! If you have any questions on the recall process or aren't sure how to look up if your vehicle has a recall, reach out to our service team! We're happy to assist you in any way that we can!