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Keeping your vehicle regularly serviced is one of the most important things for a car owner. By regularly taking your car in for inspections and servicing, you can minimize the possibility of something going wrong with your vehicle while you are out on the road. That is why we here at Patrick Subaru of Shrewsbury want to be sure that you know just of few of the kinds of service that you can schedule online! We have our regular service center, along with a Subaru Express Service center, to make sure you get the type of attention you need.


Without properly working brakes, it will be difficult to stop your car in time when you come to a stop light or a car on the highway in front of you makes an abrupt stop. To help combat this, our service center will always make sure that there are no broken brake lines, brake line leaks, and your car is always topped off with brake fluid. This way, you'll always rest easy your brakes will work as intended. Want to know why you should bring your car to a Subaru service center? Give us a call and we'll tell you!

Oil Changes

Oil is what lubricates your engine to ensure that it continues to operate normally without too much wear and tear. As oil gets used more and more, it becomes less effective. This means that it needs to be changed regularly. To see how often your oil should be changed, be sure to reference the owner's manual for your specific vehicle. You have many options on where to get oil change in Shrewbury, but there are some distinct benefits of bringing your car to our service station, including our ongoing service promotions.


Tires help with a variety of aspects of your vehicle such as proper handling and proper braking. To ensure that your tires are always properly inflated and have enough tread on them, be sure to have them regularly checked by using our online service scheduling tool. This way, we'll be able to make sure we have your type of tires in stock.


The battery is what produces a spark in your car that helps ignite the fuel in your engine. Without it, your car simply won't start. By having your battery regularly checked when you are already in the service center, you can get a rough idea of how much longer it will last and when it's time to buy a new one.

By scheduling service appointments online, you can save tons of time that's much better spent with friends and family.