Winter weather comes before you know it. Even in the midst of it, it's crucial to stay up-to-date on maintaining your vehicle. Whether a small addition or a major service, you'll want to make sure you keep certain things in mind when preparing to take your Subaru for a wintertime cruise.

Ways to Winterize

Make sure you get a check-up for your trusty battery so it's prepared to bear the cold. Old batteries have a tendency to suffer in freezing temperatures. You'll also want to check on your coolant, a necessity for winter. New wiper blades and sub-freezing temperature wiper fluid is crucial, especially when there's salt on the roads. Consider snow tires if you plan on driving during inclement weather, and ensure your brakes are updated.

If you're ready to winterize, book a service appointment with Patrick Subaru today. We want you and your Subaru safe and healthy.

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